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With High Frequency Liquid Cooled
BW 200P Liquid cooled plasma cutting torch
Standard length:5M
Air pressure:3.5-6.0bar
Duty cycle 100%:200A
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BW MAX200P Liquid cooled plasma cutting torch
Standard Length: 7.5m 10m
Plasma Gas Inlet Pressure : 6.21-8.28bar Shield Gas Inlet Pressure : 6.21bar
Duty Cycle 100% : 200A
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BW M250WP Liquid cooled plasma cutting torch
Standard Length:5M Maximum Current:225A
Air Pressure:4.8-5.0bar Duty Cycle100%:225A
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BW 300P Water spray plasma cutting torch
Standard length:7.5M
Air pressure:4.5-5.5bar
Duty cycle 100%:300A
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BW 400HD Liquid cooled delicate plasma cutting torch
Standard length: 1.5m 7.5m Plasma gas inlet pressure: 6.21-8.3bar
Shield gas Inlet pressure: 6.21bar Plasma gas workingp pressure: 1.5-3.3bar
Shield gas working pressure: 4.8bar Duty cycle 100%: 400A
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