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BW 400HD Liquid cooled delicate plasma cutting torch

Patent Number: ZL202120726929.8



PBW0400.01BW 400HD Complete Torch 1.5m

PBW0400.07BW 400HD Complete Torch 7.5m
1PBW0411BW 400HD Machine Torch Head
3PBW0430Water Cooling Tube

PBW0432.02Electrode(Silver Plus)
5PBW0440.01Swirl Ring
6PBW0432.01Nozzle 130A

PBW0432.02Nozzle 200A

PBW0432.03Nozzle 260A

PBW0432.04Nozzle 300A

PBW0432.05Nozzle 400A
7PBW0434.01Inside Shield Cap
8PBW0440.02Outside Swirl Ring
9PBW0435Retaining Cap
10PBW0434.02Shield Cap
11PBW0421Hand Handle
12PBW0450Cable Assembly
13PBW0486Hose Protective Gas
14PBW0487Hose Lon Gas
15PBW0488Hose Exhaust
16PBW0484Water Outlet Pipe Power
17PBW0489Pilot Cable
18PBW0485Water Inlet Pipe

* Please specify the connector type when ordering.

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