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BW YT-CAT50 Air Cooled Robot Welding Torch



No.DescriptionOrderOEM p/n

BW YT-CAT50 Complete   Torch 1.2M 31015011

BW YT-CAT50 Complete   Torch 1.6M 31015012
1Cylindrical Nozzle Φ   17mm 3106300TGN00058
2Gas Diffuser3108093TGR00902
3M6x45x1.2 Contact   Tip,CuCrZr  3103493

M6x45x1.4 Contact   Tip,CuCrZr 3103494

M6x45x1.6 Contact   Tip,CuCrZr 3103495
5Contact Tip   Holder  3105260ATB41019
6Swan Neck3107243ATB41022
7Rubber Sheath31072433TZK00007
8Swan Neck Connect31072431TJC00020
9Nut Cover31072432TZK00007
10Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.2M  31015101

Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.6M 31015102
11Front Cable Support Spring3407416
12Black Cable Support Spring3407417
13Cable Support Maching Side3407418TFP00002
14Short Liner, For wire Φ0.9-1.4 1.2M31105601TDT00124

Short Liner, For wire Φ0.9-1.4 1.6M31105602
15Long Liner, For wire Φ1.0-1.4 1.2M31105611TDT00136

Long Liner, For wire Φ1.0-1.4 1.6M31105612

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