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BW A500 Air Cooled Robot Welding Torch



No.DescriptionOrderOEM p/n

BW A500 Complete   Torch 1.15M31014001

BW A500 Complete   Torch 1.2M31014002

BW A500 Complete   Torch 1.3M31014003

BW A500 Complete   Torch 1.45M31014004

BW A500 Complete   Torch 1.6M31014005

BW A500 Complete   Torch 2.15M31014006

BW A500 Complete   Torch 3.15M31014007
1Nozzle Φ15.9mm 3106280145.0581
2M8x30x0.8 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr3103100140.0117

M8x30x0.9 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr31033101140.0217

M8x30x1.0 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr3103110140.0316

M8x30x1.2 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr  3103120140.0445

M8x30x1.4 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr 3103121140.0536

M8x30x1.6 Contact   Tip, CuCrZr 3103130140.0590
3Contact Tip   Holder 3105240142.0163.5
4Swan Neck3107230980.1013
5Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.15M 31015081980.1066

Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.2M 31015082980.1067

Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.3M 31015083980.1068

Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.45M 31015084980.1069

Cable Assembly(60mm2),1.6M 31015085980.107

Cable Assembly(60mm2),2.15M 31015086980.1097

Cable Assembly(60mm2),3.15M 31015087980.1098
6Liner,For wire Φ0.8-1.2,1.6M 31105501124.0145

Liner,For wire Φ0.8-1.2,3.15M 31105502124.0146

Liner,For wire Φ0.8-1.2,10M 31105503124.0149

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with BINZEL. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine BINZEL parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF. References to BINZEL machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine BINZEL parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

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