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BW P-80JC Air cooled plasma cutting torch



No.Description OrderOEM p/n

BW P-80JC Black Wolf FT Hand Torch  60A M14×1.5 5M PPA0300.05

BW P-80FT Black Wolf FT Hand Torch  80A M14×1.5 5M PPA0301.05

BW P-80FT Black Wolf FT Hand Torch 100A M14×1.5 5MPPA0302.05
1BW P-80 Hand Torch HeadPPA0310TKU08103
2Insulated RingPPA0312TFQ08102
3Electrode PPA0131TET02033
4Nozzle  1.1mm 40A PPA0132.01TET01110

Nozzle  1.3mm 60A PPA0132.02TET01310

Nozzle  1.5mm 80A PPA0132.03TET01512

Nozzle  1.7mm 100A PPA0132.04TSM06626
5Old Style Nozzle 1.1mm 40A PPA0133.01

Old Style Nozzle 1.3mm 60A PPA0133.02TET01035

Old Style Nozzle 1.5mm 80APPA0133.03TET01507

Old Style Nozzle 1.7mm 100A PPA0133.04TET01809
6Gas Planer Nozzle 2.5mmPPA0133.05
7Shield With Connector Silver Plated PPA0334.02

Normal ShieldPPA0334.01
8Site WheelPPA0138
9Space SpringPPA0139
12FT Handle (Red-Gray)PPA0150
13Cable Assembly 60A (EPDM Tube)PPA0151

Cable Assembly 80A (EPDM Tube)PPA0152

Cable Assembly 100A (EPDM Tube)PPA0153

Cable Assembly 60A(Rubber Tube)PPA0154

Cable Assembly 80A (Rubber Tube)PPA0155

Cable Assembly 100A (Rubber Tube)PPA0171
14Small 2-Pin Plug258
15Pilot Cable PPA0170
16Nut CupPPA013A

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