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BW 26KD Air cooled MIG/MAG welding torch

Patent Number: ZL202130291872.9


No.OrderDescriptionOEM p/n

MBZ0504.03 BW 26KD Complete Torch (BWM-VI BLACK-GRAY) 3m

MBZ0505.05 BW 26KD Complete Torch (BWM-VI BLACK-GRAY) 5m 
1MBZ0530.01 Cylindrical Nozzle Ø20mm 145.0051
2MBZ0530.02 Conical Nozzle Ø16mm 145.0085
3MBZ0530.03 Tapered Nozzle Ø14mm 145.0132
4MBZ0232.02 M6x28x0.8 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0051

MBZ0232.04 M6x28x1.0 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0242

MBZ0332.01 M6x28x1.2 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0379

MBZ0233.02 M6x28x0.8 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0054

MBZ0233.04 M6x28x1.0 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0245

MBZ0333.01 M6x28x1.2 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0382
5MBZ0532.01 M8x30x0.8 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0114

MBZ0532.02 M8x30x1.0 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0313

MBZ0532.03 M8x30x1.2 Contact Tip, E-Cu 140.0442

MBZ0533.01 M8x30x0.8 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0117

MBZ0533.02 M8x30x1.0 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0316

MBZ0533.03 M8x30x1.2 Contact Tip, CuCrZr 140.0445
6MBZ0536.01 Contact Tip Holder M6x22 142.0007

MBZ0536.02 Contact Tip Holder M8x22 142.0082
7MBZ0539.01 Gas Diffuser DMC 018.0116

MBZ0539.02 Gas Diffuser Ceramic 018.0141
8MBZ0543 Swan Neck 018.0001
9MBZ0144.01 Plastic Nut 
10MBZ0122.03 Handle BWM-VI Black-Gray 
11MBZ0195.02 Switch 
12MBZ0196.02 Ball Joint Cable Support Spring 
13MBZ0560.01 Cable Assembly, 3m 

MBZ0560.02 Cable Assembly, 5m 
14MBZ0197 Cable Support Spring 
15MBZ0171.02 Cable Support Machine Side 
16MBZ0170.02 Adapter Nut 
17MBZ0172 Central Connector KZ-2 501.0020
18MBZ0180.01.35 Green Liner, For Wire Ø0.8-1.0, 3.5m 

MBZ0180.01.55 Green Liner, For Wire Ø0.8-1.0, 5.5m
19MBZ0173 Nut M10x1 501.0082

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with BINZEL. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine BINZEL parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF. 

References to BINZEL machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine BINZEL parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

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