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TIG 17 Air Cooled TIG Torches

 Patent number: ZL202130291871.4


No.OrderDescriptionStandard No.

TWP0200.04WP-17 Torch (Gas and Power Whole) 4m (12.5   feet)WP-17-1   (4m)

TWP0201.08WP-17 Torch (Gas and Power Whole) 8m (25   feet)WP-17-1   (8m)

TWP0202.04WP-17 Torch (Gas and Power Separate) 4m   (12.5 feet)WP-17-2   (4m)

TWP0203.08WP-17 Torch (Gas and Power Separate) 8m (25   feet)WP-17-2   (8m)
1TWP0210Torch BodyWP-17
1aTWP0210.01Torch Body (Flexible)WP-17F
1bTWP0210.02Torch Body (Valve)WP-17V
1cTWP0210.03Torch Body (Flexible And Valve)WP-17FV
2TWP0230.01Long Back Cap57Y02
3TWP0230.02Short Back Cap57Y04
5TWP0231.02Stubby Gasket18CG-20
6TWP0231.03Gas Lens Insulator54N01
7TWP0231.04Large Dia. Gas Lens Insulator54N63




9TWP0232.05Stubby Collet10N22S,1.0mm

TWP0232.06Stubby Collet10N23S,1.6mm

TWP0232.07Stubby Collet10N24S,2.4mm
10TWP0233.01Collet Body10N29,0.5mm

TWP0233.02Collet Body10N30,1.0mm

TWP0233.03Collet Body10N31,1.6mm

TWP0233.04Collet Body10N32,2.4mm
11TWP0233.05Stubby Collet Body17CB20,All   Size
12TWP0234.01Medium Gas Lens45V29,0.5mm

TWP0234.02Medium Gas Lens45V24,1.0mm

TWP0234.03Medium Gas Lens45V25,1.6mm

TWP0234.04Medium Gas Lens45V26,2.4mm
13TWP0234.05Large Long Gas Lens45V0204,0.5mm

TWP0234.06Large Long Gas Lens45V116,1.6mm

TWP0234.07Large Long Gas Lens45V64,2.4mm
14TWP0235.01Ceramic Nozzle10N50,6mm

TWP0235.02Ceramic Nozzle10N49,8mm

TWP0235.03Ceramic Nozzle10N48,10mm

TWP0235.04Ceramic Nozzle10N47,11mm

TWP0235.05Ceramic Nozzle10N46,13mm

TWP0235.06Ceramic Nozzle10N45,16mm

TWP0235.07Ceramic Nozzle10N44,19mm
15TWP0235.08Extra Length Ceramic Nozzle10N49L,8mm

TWP0235.09Extra Length Ceramic Nozzle10N48L,10mm

TWP0235.10Extra Length Ceramic Nozzle10N47L,11mm
16TWP0135.01Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N08,6mm

TWP0135.02Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N09,8mm

TWP0135.03Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N10,10mm

TWP0135.04Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N11,11mm

TWP0135.05Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N12,13mm

TWP0135.06Stubby Ceramic Nozzle13N13,16mm
17TWP0235.11Ceramic Nozzle54N18,6mm

TWP0235.12Ceramic Nozzle54N17,8mm

TWP0235.13Ceramic Nozzle54N16,10mm

TWP0235.14Ceramic Nozzle54N15,11mm

TWP0235.15Ceramic Nozzle54N14,13mm

TWP0235.16Ceramic Nozzle54N19,18mm
18TWP0235.17Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle54N17L,8mm

TWP0235.18Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle54N16L,10mm

TWP0235.19Extra Long Ceramic Nozzle54N15L,11mm
19TWP0135.20Extra Dia. Ceramic Nozzle57N75,10mm

TWP0135.21Extra Dia. Ceramic Nozzle57N74,13mm

TWP0135.22Extra Dia. Ceramic Nozzle53N88,16mm

TWP0135.23Extra Dia. Ceramic Nozzle53N87,19mm
20TWP0120.01Handle Neck Bush
21TWP0320.03Handle   BWT- (Black-Gray)
22TWP0124.01Switch (with wire)
23TWP0250Cable Assembly
24TWP0251Cable Assembly Cover
25TWP0136.01Valve StemVS-2

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