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Compatible Parts For TRUMPF


No. Order OEM p/n Description 
1a JTU0132.01 124561Nozzle 0.8mm 

JTU0132.02 124562Nozzle 1.0mm 

JTU0132.03 966809Nozzle 1.2mm 

JTU0132.04 237497Nozzle 1.4mm 

JTU0132.05 237497-S Nozzle 1.4mm 

JTU0132.06 237501Nozzle 1.7mm 

JTU0132.07 237503Nozzle 2.0mm 

JTU0132.08 126933Nozzle 2.3mm 

Nozzle 2.5mm 

JTU0132.10 942742Nozzle 2.7mm 

JTU0132.11 237504-S Nozzle 3.0mm 

JTU0132.12 352281Nozzle 1.0mm 

JTU0132.13 352283Nozzle 1.4mm 
1bJTU0132.14 124561CP Nozzle 0.8mm CP 

JTU0132.15 124562CP Nozzle 1.0mm CP 

JTU0132.16 966809CP Nozzle 1.2mm CP 

JTU0132.17 237497CP Nozzle 1.4mm CP 

JTU0132.18 237497-SCPNozzle 1.4mm CP 

JTU0132.19 237501CP Nozzle 1.7mm CP 

JTU0132.20 237503CP Nozzle 2.0mm CP 

JTU0132.21 126933CP Nozzle 2.3mm CP 

Nozzle 2.5mm CP 

JTU0132.23 942742CP Nozzle 2.7mm CP 

JTU0132.24 237504-SCP Nozzle 3.0mm CP 

JTU0132.25 0352281CP Nozzle 1.0mm CP 

JTU0132.26 0352283CP Nozzle 1.4mm CP 
2a JTU0132.27 1324858Nozzle 0.8mm 

JTU0132.28 1324860Nozzle 1.0mm 

JTU0132.29 1324861Nozzle 1.2mm 

JTU0132.30 1324863Nozzle 1.4mm 

JTU0132.31 1324864Nozzle 1.7mm 

JTU0132.32 1324865Nozzle 2.0mm 

JTU0132.33 1324866Nozzle 2.3mm 

JTU0132.34 1324867Nozzle 2.7mm 
2b JTU0132.35 1324858CP Nozzle 0.8mm CP 

JTU0132.36 1324860CP Nozzle 1.0mm CP 

JTU0132.37 1324861CP Nozzle 1.2mm CP 

JTU0132.38 1324863CP Nozzle 1.4mm CP 

JTU0132.39 1324864CP Nozzle 1.7mm CP 

JTU0132.40 1324865CP Nozzle 2.0mm CP 

JTU0132.41 1324866CP Nozzle 2.3mm CP 

JTU0132.42 1324867CP Nozzle 2.7mm CP 
3a JTU0132.43 1373324Nozzle 0.8mm 

JTU0132.44 1373325Nozzle 1.0mm 

JTU0132.45 1373326Nozzle 1.2mm 

JTU0132.46 1373329Nozzle 2.0mm 
3b JTU0132.47 1373324CP Nozzle 0.8mm CP 

JTU0132.48 1373325CP Nozzle 1.0mm CP 

JTU0132.49 1373326CP Nozzle 1.2mm CP 

JTU0132.50 1373329CP Nozzle 2.0mm CP 
4JTU0132.51 1589610Nozzle EBM HD 2.0mm 
Nozzle X31 1.6mm 

JTU0132.53 2241407Nozzle EBC X12 1.8mm 

Nozzle X-BLAST X20 2.0mm 

Nozzle X35 2.6mm 

Nozzle X40 2.0mm 

BLACK WOLF is in no way affiliated with TRUMPE. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine TRUMPE parts, but are parts made for and by BLACK WOLF. 

References to TRUMPE machines, torches,and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right tosubstitute genuine TRUMPE parts in place of BLACK WOLF parts.

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