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BW 42W Water Cooled Robot Welding Torch



No.DescriptionOrderOEM p/n

BW 42W Complete Torch   1.5M 3101315
1Nozzle Φ14mm 3106181
2M6x28x0.8 Contact Tip,E-Cu3102090

M6x28x0.9 Contact Tip,E-Cu3102100

M6x28x1.0 Contact Tip,E-Cu 3102110

M6x28x1.2 Contact Tip,E-Cu3102120

M6x28x0.8 Contact Tip,CuCrZr  3103060

M6x28x1.0 Contact Tip,CuCrZr 3103080

M6x28x1.2 Contact Tip,CuCrZr  3103090
3Contact Tip  Holder 3105296
5Swan Neck31072517
6Clamp Module3109172
7Fixed Bracket3103173
8Safety-off Mechanism3103174
9Cable   Assembly(60mm2),1.2M  3101552
10Cable Suport Machine  Side3407151
11Central Connector  WZ-231121931501.0015
12Adapter Nut3112192
13Yellow Liner, For wire Φ0.8-1.6,1.7M 3110580

Yellow Liner, For wire Φ0.8-1.6,2.4M3110581

Yellow Liner, For wire Φ0.8-1.6,3.4M3110582
14Nut M10x13112030501.0082

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